With EagleView imagery we know we have quality, and that gives us confidence in our preliminary plans that we wouldn’t have with any other data source." 

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Advanced solar data and insights for every stage of a commercial install.

Aerial Imagery for Commercial Solar

EagleView’s high-resolution imagery and advanced analysis tools will help you make accurate decisions throughout the entire bidding, planning, and installation process.

Better Insights for More Profitable Commercial Solar Projects


Our frequently updated database of 1B+ images covers 94% of the U.S. population (both rural & urban areas)

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Geoffrey Gindhart 
Aviation Planning Dept Manager, AECOM Imagery 


5cm or better Ground Sample Distance offers 4x the detail of standard aerial imagery and 70x the detail of standard satellite. Using orthomosaic and oblique (360°) views, you can inspect a site remotely from top-to-bottom and end-to-end.


A 1-year subscription to the Reveal Imagery portfolio means that you’ll know your pricing up front—no hidden charges or surprise changes. We offer volume-based packages for every budget. 

More Detail, Better Results, No Surprises

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  • Search for specific property locations and qualify leads by inspecting each site remotely before a sales call.

  • Capture precise measurements and quickly estimate materials and labor costs.

  • Generate accurate proposals with a clear view of each site from multiple (ortho & oblique) angles.


  • View properties from multiple perspectives. 

  • Use measurement tools to determine heights, distances, and pitch.

  • Identify rooftop obstructions and characteristics.

  • Determine locations for equipment and conduits. 


  • Determine roof access points and material staging areas.

  • Analyze property hazards and identify the safety equipment needed for each job. 

1B+ High-Resolution Images 

With EagleView Reveal™, you can access our database of 1B+ high-resolution orthomosaic and oblique images directly from your desktop through our web-based CONNECTExplorer platform.

1B+ High-Resolution Images
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